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Personalized Engraved Jewelry: Why It Is Always Hot

Here goes The Venue again on another quest!  In this particular article, we explore the wonderful world of personalized jewelry for men. And why is personalized jewelry for men always hot? To put it simply, personalized jewelry is a fashionable, artistic and physical expression or representation of a person’s individual taste and style.

It allows the consumer to participate in, if not completely control every aspect of the entire jewelry design process, literally becoming a jewelry design consultant to their own finished product. Now if that is not exciting, then what is!

There are many types of personalized jewelry, of which includes personalized embossed jewelry, custom silicon sport wristbands, and rubber bracelets (I will describe these in an example given later), I will cover in another article. But for the intended purposes of this article, we will focus solely on personalized engraved jewelry, respectively.


Personalized Is Not Customized Personalized_Not_Customized

The personalized jewelry industry is continuously growing and trying to align itself with consumers perceptions on what is deemed ‘personalized’. In general, most consumers believe personalized jewelry and customized jewelry are synonymous with one another and can often be confused, as I myself was, by the difference between the two kinds of jewelry.

But do not be confused. Personalized jewelry is not customized jewelry! Thus, in order to have a better understanding of what to expect out of your own personalized jewelry pieces, it is important to accurately define what constitutes as personalized jewelry and customized jewelry. As stated in the introduction, personalized jewelry is indeed unique and highly contingent upon the particular aesthetics of the consumer.

Jewelry can be personalized by adding specific inscriptions or engravings to its original design (i.e. art work, emblems, insignia, letters, logos, names, photos, religious epithets, romantic sentiments, etc.). From a manufacturing standpoint, jewelry can be customized by providing or offering flexible, cost effective interchangeable components or elements to the jewelry itself (i.e. colors, font size, font style, material used, and types of jewelry, etc.) without changing its form, fit, and function.

Here is a simple example that I used to help me truly understand the inherent difference between personalized and customized jewelry. Take for instance, men’s personalized rubber bracelets are an extremely trendy and hot commodity at the moment.

Whether on-line, in a store, at the park, wherever or whenever, I’m sure you have seen these ingenious and simple rubber bracelets many times, dangling around a person’s wrist or wrists, often times with more than one per wrist. They are about half an inch wide, made to slip just over the hand onto the wrist, come in a myriad of colors, multi-colors, and patterns. And always contain some neat catch phrase, symbol, or logo engraved length wise through the middle of them like “Black Lives Matter”, “Smith Family Reunion 2018”, or perhaps even “Live Strong”.

Anyway, these popular rubber bracelets can be purchased online for about $0.06 a unit and a person can custom select a particular size, and choose from a wide assortment of colors and unique patterns. In addition, dependent upon the length, font size or style of the inscription, and actual size of the rubber bracelet itself, the bracelets can also be personalized with most any logo, name, or message a person wishes to engraved on them. Thus, it is strangely possible to purchase your own custom personalized rubber bracelet online! Wow!


A Brief History of  Engraved Jewelry

Even a caveman can do it, right? Of course, the first discovery of etching or engraving on wood and stone surfaces dates back to early prehistoric man. The Egyptians are the first to apply engraving to art and jewelry, and the Greeks and Romans continue engraving jewelry, like luxurious cameos, through the beginning and end of their respective time periods as well.

Nevertheless, engraving does not become a trade or craft until paper arrives in Europe from China (circa 1300 A.D.) and becomes ready available. By the 15th century, personalized engraved jewelry emerges in the form of devotional and romantic jewelry, whereas personalized, romantic inscriptions or ‘love’ messages were intricately engraved on the inside of wedding rings and signet rings.

If you remember in the previous article posted on The Venue, The Epitome of Gaudy: Gothic Jewelry, rings were typically and fashionably worn on all fingers by both men and women. Many hand engravers are required to keep up with the physical demand for engraved jewelry, spurning the first mass production of jewelry on a large scale in history.

By the end of the 16th century, goldsmithing is a well-established skilled trade in Europe and the mass production of engraved jewelry is prominently replaced by artistic expression. A period in engraving history called the Golden Age.

For men, the need for jewelry adornment lessens and personalized engraved short swords become the rage for both the hierarchy and civilians alike. Not only do they provide a means of self-defense, but also signifies the apparel for describing the social status of gentlemen. However, from the 17th century to the mid 19th century, the need for male adornment lessens.

Personalized engraved jewelry for men exists mainly in the form of military regalia, such as buckles, buttons, dog tags, swords and guns. Signet rings still thrive.


What is Engraving?

To put it simply, engraving is the process of etching or incising designs onto a hard, engravable surface by cutting grooves into it by use of a burin, hand engraver, machine engraver, laser engraver, etc.


Types of Engraving

There are several types of engraving, which include laser engraving, leather engraving, color engraving, wood engraving, photo engraving, glass engraving, line engraving, steel engraving, and stipple engraving.  In addition, there are a myriad of engraving kits, tools, and equipment that you can purchase online!



Where can you find personalized engraved jewelry?

Traditionally, you can find engraving products or have personal jewelry engraved by a local jeweler. Depending on the particular jeweler they may have it done in house or have your jewelry sent to another place to have this done. And this is OK provided that you know the risks, like losing or damaging jewelry in the shipping process, etc.

Another popular place to find personal engraved jewelry is online! There are virtually many sites that offer many engrave able products to fit your particular needs and tastes!

Engraving Costs

Since no two engravers are the same, costs may vary. According to Stanley London, ” Smaller parts can be custom engraved in single quantities for a set up fee of $10 (per engraved surface), and 

40 cents per character for the first 30 characters, 20 cents per character for the 31st through 49th character, and 10 cents per character for engraving in excess of 49 characters”.


A Final Thought

Personalized engraved jewelry for men is more hot than ever! It is seen practically

 everywhere you look 

and I believe helps us define ourselves as well as our character. And here at MJDV, we know that character is of utmost importance, so thus finding your own personalized engraved is also important! Good luck in your search and hope we helped in sending you in the right direction as far as personalized engraved jewelry is concerned!


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Personalized Engraved Jewelry: Why It Is Always Hot