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I have been a jewelry person for as long as I can remember!  As a child in the 70’s, I was always captivated by the ornate jewelry my mother and her friends showcased just before a night out on the town.

During my formidable teenage years in the 80’s, it was well known that the jewelry you wore was in direct proportion to how cool you were. In my neighborhood, most young people sported thick gold and silver chain and rope necklaces, indicative of the then emerging hip hop culture. Nevertheless, I always went above and beyond the rest. Unlike LL Cool J (pictured above), I never rocked a multiple chain set, but a matching chain and bracelet set, two pinky rings and two earrings. “Cool”, right?

It is true that my taste in jewelry may seem a bit over the top to most.  Likewise, I have developed a fondness and appreciation for the many cultural styles, kinds, and types of jewelry and jewelry designs over the years. 

In reality, it might be safe to assume that most people probably know little to nothing about jewelry. However, the recent evolution of the ‘metro-sexual man’  and ‘independent woman’ has again brought personal jewelry to the forefront of men’s and women’s fashion.  In fact, both are wearing more unique personal jewelry more than ever before.

So what unique personal jewelry is out there?  Let us look at and beyond the traditional jewelry designs.  From hip hop jewelry to the many exotic handmade jewelry designs, I believe that there is a specific style, kind, and of jewelry for everyone.  One that compliments only his or her individual character and personal lifestyle!

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Celtic_Site_BannerThe primary objective of The Jewelry Design Venue is to help each visitor choose the jewelry that reflects his or her unique personal style.  At the same time provide everything needed for them make informed jewelry purchases.


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